Pell Grants For Unemployed People

Federal government Pell grants for unemployed people can open some doors for you that you may not have known were there to open. If you qualify for a Pell grant you can use it to further your education and get a better job. Times are tough these days and the more you do to improve your chances of being hired on a decent job the better off you will be. Pell grants will help you do this.

Pell grant awards are based on your income. The lower your income the higher the award. If you are unemployed you could possibly get the highest amount the federal government awards, which is $5,550, if you meet the other Pell grant requirements. You must be enrolled in a higher learning institution that is a participant in the Pell program and be a US citizen. If you do have a job, your income must be below $50,000.

Applying for a Pell grant for unemployed people is easy. Just go to the FAFSA website,, to start your application. Be sure to have your driver’s license, social security number, and last year’s tax return handy, you will need the information from these documents for your Pell grant application. The Pell grant application forms are available online for the next academic year beginning July 1.

So let’s say you have made the decision to take some classes in the fall for this 2010-2011 academic year. You can apply for the Pell grant you need starting July 1st. The sooner you get your application filled out and sent in, the sooner you will know what your award will be.

If you find you are having trouble filling out the Pell grant application, set up a meeting with your Financial Aid Advisor at your school. They can assist you in making sure the application is filled out completely and correctly. You don’t want to make any mistakes or leave anything blank because that will delay the Pell grant being awarded to you.

Once your application has been processed, you will get a letter stating what you have been awarded and the money will be sent to your school. The school will schedule a day just before the semester starts where you can go in and pick up your Pell grant award and pay your tuition and buy your books and buy other miscellaneous things like pens and notebooks, etc, that you will need for classes. Your Pell grant award will be available at the financial aid department. Plan on getting to the school early on this day, the lines will be stretched out the door and you will have to wait.

When your tuition is paid and your books and supplies are purchased you can breathe a sigh of relief because now you will be well on your way to that better job that is just around the corner and you will know that you did it with the help of a Pell grant for unemployed people.

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