No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card

Credit cards are a common way to spend money. They are convenient and can be used in almost any location. Many consumers will, at some stage, find themselves with more than one credit card and perhaps in a lot of debt.


An option that is becoming more readily available to credit card holders is to consolidate their credit card debt. Many banks offer deals and incentives to do a balance transfer when opening a new account at a new bank. A balance transfer has the potential to consolidate part, if not all of the consumer?s debt.

If a consumer has a number of credit cards and a balance transfer is desirable, it would be good for them to search for a credit card company that offers no balance transfer fee. With no fee on balance transfers, the consumer would ultimately be able to transfer all their credit cards to one company, consolidate their debt and then make it easier to pay it off.

Shop Around

There are many credit card companies who will advertise that they charge no fee on balance transfers when a customer opens their new credit card account. This makes the option of consolidation more promising and positive as the credit card consumer looks to reduce their debt or make their credit card situation more manageable.

If time isn?t an issue, visit as many banks and credit card companies as possible. Enquire about balance transfer fees and all important information. Searching for information and credit card deals has become easier with the use of the internet. Most major banks and credit card companies will have a website and the majority of information, terms and conditions as well as fees and charges will be outlined somewhere on the credit card company?s website.

If debt reduction is the reason behind finding a new credit card, consolidating numerous credit cards into the new one would be ideal. This means that querying the bank about balance transfers and related fees and charges is a necessity. No one wants to pay fees they don?t have to pay and finding a credit card company that doesn?t charge fees on balance transfers shouldn?t be too difficult.

Use the Internet

Using the internet in initial researching will most likely be the easiest and most available form of research. Utilizing internet connections and available websites will reduce the amount of time required in researching and shopping around as there is no need to go and visit every bank to find information.

If finding a credit card with no balance transfer fee is critical, a simple Google search using that phrase will reveal many options. This is a good way to begin researching and finding options for a new credit card. Most consumers will already know the major banks and the options available there. Credit card companies will provide the majority of information necessary for preliminary research on their website, but visiting the bank will be important in order to fill any gaps and tick all the boxes you have as requirements for a new card.

Being smart about researching and finding out all of the information about the credit card you sign up for. A credit card that charges no fee on balance transfers will help consolidate outstanding debts.

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