personal finance software reviews

If you’re looking for some much needed financial security you’re probably like the millions of people who rely on top quality software programs. But since your goal is to alleviate your stress, not add to it, you want to make sure that you invest in the best program for you, your needs, and your budget. To save you the hassle of buying the wrong software program, here are some personal finance software reviews to help you sort through it all on your own.

There are probably thousands of programs available, some are free and some can be very costly. To find the right one for you it’s important for you to accurately assess what your needs really are. While it might be tempting to pony up for a program with all the bells and whistles you may just find that the program is complicated and difficult to use and if that’s the case… you won’t use it. It will be a complete waste of money.

Here are some features that will increase the functionality of any budgeting program you buy;

1. Is it easy to install? You don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of a time consuming or technical installation process. You want to find a program that is basically plug and play.

2. Will the program run on your operating system? Do you own a PC or a Mac and will the program you are considering be compatible with the type of computer you have?

3. How easy is it to use the program? Again, if it’s too complicated or time consuming you aren’t going to want to use it and then it can’t do you any good.

4. Can you connect the program to your bank account and download your account information directly to your program?

5. Can you use the program for your investing?

6. Can you use the software to do online banking or bill pay?

7. Does the program have enough categories and level of flexibility for your needs. Can you add new categories?

8. What type of reports can the software generate? Many programs will be able to generate cash flow reports, personal investing reports, tax reports, net worth reports as well as the option to export the information to an Excel spreadsheet program.

9. What type of financial calculators, if any, does the program have? For example, many programs will come with a loan, mortgage, savings, refinance, and home equity calculator. Make sure that if these features are important to you, that any software you buy has one or all of them.

10. Investing features. Does the software program allow you to track your investment accounts with a 401k manager or a portfolio manager. Many programs will even allow you to download stock quotes and stock history reports.

Finding the right software program for you and your needs can be a little complicated. Just remember, that the first thing you have to do is to figure out just what those needs are and then you can find a program that seems tailor made for you. I hope this overview of personal finance software reviews has been helpful, it should make the process of choosing the right software much simpler.

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